Friday, September 29, 2006

The United States of America sanctions torture now.

The United States of America sanctions torture now. Pull the language in the anti-terror bill apart, filter out the spin and that’s what it says.

It says, “We sanction torture now.”

Shame on the politicians who put their careers ahead of their principles and rammed this bill through in order to look tough on terrorism for the upcoming elections. Every vote for this bill was first and foremost a vote for political self preservation and an unthinking act of cowardice.

230 years of steady improvement in the human condition. Shot in the ass by the cowards in Washington.

Shame on the mainstream media for the way they covered the story with their dim-witted, pretty, on-camera people and their self-interested, self-preserving pundits and their corporate masters with their corporate agendas.

While the House of Representatives and the United States Senate voted to have the United States sanction torture, the mainstream media diddled itself about whether or not Bill Clinton had a “meltdown” during an interview on Fox News last Sunday.

Nice work, morons.

And shame on the every organized religion in the country that does not stand up and address the fact that the United States of America sanctions torture now. Shame especially on all the right wing Christian patriots out there who can’t seem to remember that Christ himself was tortured – or that thing about, “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, this you do unto me…”

Hey Christian patriots - the next time you ask God to bless America, ask God about the fact that the United States of America sanctions torture now.

Torture is like murder. Either you commit it or you don’t. There are no degrees of coloration, no mitigating circumstances, no context. From George Washington right up until the politicians passed this bill, our nation has been against torture. We've been against torture on the record, in the law, in the hearts of the people.

Now the United States of America sanctions torture.


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