Monday, October 30, 2006

23 policemen shot to death in Iraq - Yahoo! News

Try to read this analytically. 23 dead policemen here. 24 bodies, some decapitated, there.

Shiite militia. Shiite death squads. Sunnis bombing mosques. Thousands tortured on both sides. Imagine trying to live in those conditions.

Imagine trying to feed, clothe and house your family.Imagine living in a society where everyone you know has lost someone close to them to the violence.

Imagine how you would feel about the invading army that (although now caught in the middle like you)can't seem to do a thing to bring an end to the chaos.

Now shift focus and imagine being a 23 year-old soldier who signed up for the National Guard for the college benefts - that he'd be happy to do the weekend a month or maybe spend a week or two every spring sandbagging some flooded river.Imagine being that soldier and getting plunked down in the middle of Iraq.

Imagine. Then vote on November 7th.23 policemen shot to death in Iraq - Yahoo! News


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