Saturday, October 21, 2006

Coleman is knee-deep in global-warming fray

Norm Coleman is shameless. Coleman is knee-deep in global-warming fray

Do you need any further proof he's bought and paid for? This is an empty suit of a man, hand-picked by Dick Cheney. A toady of the first degree.

Last year, he wanted to beat up on the UN. Now he wants to strip the EPA and all 50 states of the authority to control CO2 emissions. Under his proposed legislation, CO2 would not be considered a pollutant under the Clean Air Act.

Gee. Thanks, Norm. There's a hole in the ozone layer the size of North America - the largest hole EVER - and you want to laissez the bon temps to roulez.


This proposal isn't a solution, and Coleman knows it. It's an extension of the problem.

So here's a question for "The Senator:"

How much will it cost to get you to come to work for our side? Write a dollar figure down and slide it across the table. Let us see what we can do to raise it.

Would a couple million dollars for your campaign be sufficient to get you to adopt a "Don't fellate, just legislate" approach and do the peoples' business rather than doing favors for corporate America?

In 2008, the Republican National Convention will take place at the Excel Energy Center - a toney hockey rink Norm fobbed off on the tax payers of Saint Paul. The disaster that George built will come to the house that Norm built, and the party of comfortable, wide-bottomed, affluent, midde-aged white folks will party like it's 1959.

We can only hope for one of those late summer temperature inversions - the kind that trap the CO2 close to the ground, where if Norm has his way, neither the EPA nor the state of Minnnesota can do a damned thing about it.


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