Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Democrats can be hacks too

Repubabubba writes:

“After reading your commentary on your blog this morning I noticed something; why don’t you harpoon some democrat hacks at the same time? Both parties are full of them. It would make you look more grounded in your values as opposed to a partisan attack dog.”

He’s right. Both parties are full of hacks. And even before he wrote, I had it in mind to say yet again that there is no assurance – none whatsoever – that the Democrats won’t become just as power-crazed, craven and corrupt should they assume control of the House on November 7th.

These are not John Kennedy’s Freedom Riders. They aren’t Lyndon Johnson’s Civil Rights Act advocates. They aren’t Eugene McCarthy or George McGovern anti-war types. They don’t have Jimmy Carter’s moral compass either.

These are, for the most part, the same breed of consultant-driven, triangulating weasels who are in power right now. Left or right, a hack is a hack.

If they are not hacks in their own right, then there is a great temptation to dub them hacks by association. That way, when the FBI finds $100,000 in the freezer, we’ll be able to say, “See? Told you so.”

And don’t look for any of that Mr. Smith Goes to Washington crap. Any first-blush, high-minded effort to right the wrongs of twelve years of Republican power will suffer death by realism in a matter of days after Congress returns to session in January.

A hack is a hack. There is every chance that, while they were out of power, the Dems didn’t learn one god damned thing. That twelve years of wandering in the wilderness – of waiting outside all-Republican conference committee meetings to see what kind of compromise bill the Republican Senate and Republican House would send to that miserable excuse of a Republican president – of absolute and abject marginalization – of floor votes being held open while Tom “The Hammer” DeLay worked his blunt force magic to give away billions to corporate benefactors – will be for naught.

That said, I must conclude this rant with the observation that, for the first two years at least, the Democratic hackdom will not be as egregious as the Republican hackdom is now. Pork levels will probably recede. Pedophilia will abate. Taxes on upper income households may increase and the minimum wage may even go up – who knows?

The Dems may be hacks, Repubbabubba, but they’re my hacks. And there’s no way they can be as smarmy and immoral as your hacks have been.

At least not in those first two years. After that, all bets are off.


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