Thursday, October 05, 2006

Foleygate. It's not just for Republicans any more.

While it is absolutely wonderful to watch the Republicans and Fox News struggle with Foleygate, it is important that Democrats not allow themselves to be too glib about it. People aren’t any happier with them than they are with the Republicans.

People may be angrier with the Republicans. People may want change. But people are not high-fiving one another about the prospect of the Democrats coming to power.

They see the Democrats as part of the same inside-the-beltway problem – of that D.C. culture of privilege and corruption. To them, Dems are not any more pure. The Dems are just out of power. The Dems have had to settle for the chump change that was left over after the lobbyists greased the Republicans.

Outside the beltway, a lot of people feel that the Democrats’ silence on the Foley situation is either relief that their own scandal hasn’t come to the surface or part of their consultants’ plan for not screwing up the best chance they’ve had to retake the House since they got run out of power in1994.

People believe that, if the House turns over this fall, the corruption will flow across the aisle. Lobbyists will point the grease gun the other way. That’s all.

We have reached one of those “At long last” moments – all of us Republicans and Democrats and everyone else. Have we had our fill of this crap? At long last, have we had enough?

Those Democrats who are salivating and wringing their hands as they wait for Election Day would do well to take notice.


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