Monday, October 16, 2006

God to Bubba: "Boo."

Driving across northern Wisconsin the other day, reading campaign signs and billboards, I got the willies about the upcoming election all over again.

There were blaze orange, “support the marriage amendment” signs (perfect for sighting in your deer rifle after the election). There were anti-abortion billboards. There were flag waving billboards, too. Along I-94, somewhere around the exit for Baldwin, some farm family had a big, home-made sign proclaiming, “We Support President Bush.”

The kicker, however, was one billboard – a big one – what we in the ad game call a “Vinyl” that read:

“One nation under me.”
- God


All of creation – everything that ever was or ever will be to worry about – six billion souls on the planet, each one working out its personal relationship with Him, and God chooses to jab an anthropomorphic finger in my chest and remind me about how he feels about the United States of America.

“Remember, Numbnuts: It’s one nation under me.”


They’re out there. And they want you to get with their God’s program. Now. All the talk about the Foley scandal disaffecting the fundamental Christian vote looks like so much crap when you whiz by a billboard like that at 70 miles an hour.


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