Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ol' Bubba is worried

Ol’ Bubba is worried. I don’t think this country can get off an honest election any more. I don’t think the people in power will allow it to happen. I don’t think the mainstream/corporate media have the courage to pursue the story. I especially don’t think the public has the attention span or the willpower to do anything about it.

We are sinking in a tar pit of our own making – sinking with an apathy we ought to be ashamed of. The people in power are breaking down our democracy and selling it off piece-by-piece to the highest bidders – foreign and domestic.

As if our democracy were a factory to be broken down, boxed up and shipped, along with its jobs, to China.

As if Election Day were some street corner “Find the pea” shell game. Or a professional wrestling match with that made-for-TV veneer of good guys and bad guys and simple plots and subplots.

We don’t vote for candidates based on issues or policies any more. We vote against candidates based on our hates, fears and bogeymen. And, this year, most of us will vote on new and imminently hack-able electronic voting machines. Machines without a paper trail.

Expect longer lines. Especially in poorer precincts. Expect election-arresting technical glitches as old, almost-doddering-but-civic-minded poll workers – workers from the age of carbon paper – struggle with newly-installed machines and software.

Mostly, though, expect a crooked election where the people in power do everything in their power to stay in power and keep their lips locked on the financial sugar teat that is lobbyists and corporate donations and kickbacks and bribery.

It’s now or never, folks. Get involved. Push back. Get your lazy, out-of-work brother-in-law out of the hide-a-bed and get him involved. Find a campaign. Go to work. Help get out the vote.

For two hundred and thirty years, our service men and women have fought and died for this country. Not for corporations. Not for lobbyists. For you and me. Don’t let the people in power steal that. Getrid of the apathy and the cynicism. Then get busy. Let’s go.


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