Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ol Bubba's Worried, Part Deux

A rightie Minnesota reader - call him Repubabubba - responds to Bubba's concerns about election fraud.Note the dismissive and caustic tone. Repubabubba is a nice man, and I am sure he is only trying to be funny. That said,as noted in another post,a CNN survey out today shows that 61% of Americans think this year's election results will be inaccurate.

On to Repubbabubba:

Are you serious? You make this sound like some third world country that keeps electing the same dictator election after election.

What are you worried about, the sheep are ready to head to your pasture. They think we have wolves in ours. And because they’re sheep they’ll keep searching. They’re searching for nirvana; no terrorists, free health care, cheap gas, free education k – college, smoke free bars, mass transit, winning sports teams in new stadiums and lots green areas with bike trails. Oh yes, and make the rich guys pay for it.

What are they going to think when the dems get in and we still have terrorist psycho’s trying to blow us up. Maybe we can send the women from “The View “over there to get them to see the light.

So don’t worry so much, this election is in the bag for you guys. Honest elections are only tough when it’s down to a few votes any way. It looks more like a run-a-way at this point.

I’m sure Mike, Amy and Patty will fix it all.

“And I approve this message”!


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