Saturday, October 28, 2006

Thugs and Aliens Part Two

Repubabubba writes this concerning the idea of fighting illegal immigration by jailing the people who employ illegal immigrants:

I actually agree with the dilemma you bring up between cheap labor and illegal’s. In my past life we would hire people with documentation that looked good, only to find out later that their ss#s belonged to dead people. We knew many were illegal, just couldn’t tell who.

With foreign competition driving prices ever downward, the only apparent solution is to hire this new willing worker. The survival instinct kicks in when you have your net worth tied up in a business, knowing the government only supports the very poor or those that want to build new stadiums.

Hey, don’t libs run businesses too?

I like the part about government only supporting the very poor and those that want to build new stadiums.

Repubabubba seems to have forgotten the prescription drug bill - a $100 billion windfall to the drug companies. And the billions in tax breaks to the energy industry.

Or, perhaps closer to home, the farm subsuidy program - the backbone of the rural American economy. Or the SBA loan program. And so on. And so forth...

As for survival instinct and net worth, that sounds like the kind of justification you might have heard after dinner in the big house on a Georgia plantation circa 1856 when the ladeis had adjourned to the parlor and the gentlemen to thhe pool room for brandy and cigars.

Instead of illegal immigrants, they would have been justifying slavery, of course. But the difference in real, human terms is marginal at best. "De mastuh" had to feed and clothe his human livestock. The illegal alien employer pays "those people" enough to feed and clothe themselves - and damned little more.


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