Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thugs and Aliens

Repubabubba writes:

“On the way in to work this morning, I heard about the 13 year old girl who escaped a close call of being abducted by two Hispanic men. Without jumping to conclusions, which admittedly is difficult, I’ll instead just ask the question- How many thugs are crossing our porous boarder? And how much crime are we willing to put up with before we say enough is enough. What does Bubbarama have to say about this?”

Bubba says:

Without jumping to conclusions, which is admittedly difficult, clearly, the majority of illegal aliens are coming here for jobs, and not to abduct 13 year-olds.

So the question is indeed how much crime are we willing to tolerate before we say enough is enough? The crime we’re willing to tolerate is hiring illegal aliens. And the “thugs” are the scofflaw employers who do it. The single most important step that we as a nation could take to stop the flow of illegal aliens would be to prosecute Americans who illegally employ them.

Prosecuting those scofflaws seems to cause the people in power (who happen to be R’s) something of a problem. It seems many of the criminal employers are, in fact, loyal Republicans.

They like those low wages for which illegal aliens will work. They like dodging social security taxes and workers comp. They like the leverage they get in dealing with workers who don’t have a legal leg to stand on.

Some sort of “guest worker” program would seem to make sense. But that kind of thing won’t play well with the more redneck elements in the Republican base (including the Dixiecrat honkies who left the Democratic party after LBJ rammed the Civil Rights Act through).

So here we have a uniquely Republican dilemma: Do they bite the bullet (and the hand that feeds them)and clamp down on illegal immigration? Or do they continue to mollify that element of the base which benefits from cheap but illegal labor?

As a rabid liberal, Ol’ Bubba believes the answer to the illegal alien problem will entail some sort of mechanism for coping with illegal immigrants already here. (According to Lou Dobbs last night, there are 12 million of them here already. They’re arriving at the rate of 3000 a day.)

I suspect, as is often the case, the Republicans will avoid making the tough decisions involved in framing that mechanism and enacting the legislation necessary to implement it.

They will, instead, wait for a Democratic congress or a Democratic White House and let the Democrats take the lead – and the heat – on the issue.

And, finally, on the subject of thugs crossing the border, I can’t read the phrae without thinking of an old Army buddy. He was 23 back then and he’d pulled two tours flying helicopter gunships in Vietnam.

He had a scar on his leg from a knife fight he got into one night down in Juarez, which is, as I recall, south of the border…


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