Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"The economy is strong." - G.W. Bush

For those of us living in the United States of America on planet Earth, it is good to see our leader emerge from "les nuages" and hold a meeting like this.The American auto industry is more than just stagnant. It is dead. There is not one make or model that can compete - genuinely compete - for a share of the consumer market here in America, let alone globally.

Our mileage sucks. Our designs are generic and bland. Our warranties are barely adequate. And even if you were to get 100,000 trouble-free miles, they would be 100,000 of the dullest, most mediocre miles you ever experienced.

American auto workers are among the best automakers in the world. There's nothing they can not or will not do to build those cars and trucks right - and take real pride in their work. But, thanks to crappy design and bottom-line management and globalization, American auto workers are damned near an extinct species. And so are the American workers who used to make all the parts and components that went into American cars.

Right up through the election, Bush and his people were touting the strong economy. They talked up all the jobs they were creating.

The jobs are for shit. People who used to make light trucks but got laid off and found work making lattes. Luckily, they took time off and went to the polls and voted their own interests.

And now the president is holding meetings. Not making promises, mind you, but holding meetings.

Maybe, with the help of a Democratic congress, he'll figure out that the economy is as much about Main Street as it is about Wall Street.


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