Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry's Foot - Kerry's mouth

Repubabubba writes:


What in the hell was Kerry thinking? You got to love this guy!

You think this will take care of his presidential run?

I never thought the October surprise would come in this format, and I sense the sheep are beginning the move to conservative pastures. I’m hearing the races are beginning to tighten up all over. The repubs are putting on the final kick for the finish - add this to the republican voting equipment that you talk about and I’d say we still have a chance.

Oh I almost forgot; I hear Kerry’s coming to visit MN to prop up Amy. Could this get any better?


Bubba writes back:

Why do you say, "we?" Who is "we?"

I could understand using "we" if Bush, Snow and those people were fiscally and socially conservative Republicans. But the people posturing and going on about Kerry's admittedly stupid comment are neither conservative nor Republican in the traditional sense of the word.

The "we" that "still has a chance" took a huge budget surplus that was there when they came into office and turned it into a huge, very un-Republican deficit. Not content to stop there, they have actually grown the Federal government.

They chose to invade Iraq. No one forced their hand. They opted to start the war and they bungled things badly. They fired a general who told them it would take 500,000 troops. Now they have 140,000 Americans stuck between a bunch of crazy-assed factions. 100 of our guys died last month. Suicide bombers are taking civilians out 20-25 people at a time. The puppet they installed is so afraid of one of the shiite militias that he actually ordered the Americans to withdraw checkpoints in and out of Sadr City, rather than face the wrath of the mullah.

Three years after they declared the mission to be accomplished, "we" is burning through more than $2 billion a week there. They are borrowing the money from Communist China. The money is not reported as part of the looming deficit they created. For the first time in American history, the country has gone to war without raising taxes to pay for it. That would be a good thing (to the extent that choosing to invade a sovereign nation could be considered to be a good thing) if they weren't borrowing all that money from China and putting our children and grandchildren in ever-deepening debt.

The vast majority of the American people have not been asked to sacrifice anything. They don't even have to watch the war on television news. (News outlets have been banned from photographing the coffins coming home, if you will recall) All this while a minority - a very small minority - kids from middle and lower middle class homes for the most part - have paid to the tune of nearly 3,000 dead and more than 20,000 wounded.

As for the Iraqis, a statistically sound, scientific, peer-reviewed report by "Lancet" (a British medical journal) says that 650,000 Iraqi civilians have died as a result of "we" choosing to suspend the UN Weapons Inspection Program and invade Iraq. Millions have been displaced. They are refugees. Water and electricity - services they former dictator delivered without problem - are rationed.

And we're torturing people. I heard an Iraqi joke. It goes like this: One Iraqi in an American-run prison says to another Iraqi prisoner, "I don't know why after all this time the Americans can't bring electricity to Sadr City. They brought it to my ass the first week I was here."

And, fully five years after 9/11, "we" still have not been able to find a 6/4" dialysis patient hiding somewhere in the Stone Age that is the Afghanistan/Pakistan border.

The "we" to whom you refer boasts that the economy is strong, and it is for those who own stocks and get dividends. Others in the shrinking middle and working classes are not as optimistic.

They have to pay a larger share of their health insurance costs (if they are fortunate enough to have a job with benefits). Their wages are stagnant. College tuition costs are skyrocketing, forcing their kids to take out larger loans - and more debt - money owed to banks in which "we" seem to have plenty of stock.

And, from where they sit, the housing market is beginning to feel like that 2001tech bubble - with lower property values leading to a real loss of $$ and confidence. Property taxes are going up as the Federal government shifts programs and costs (No Child Left Behind, for example) to the state and the state cuts funding to education and local government.

Most recently, "we" has enacted legislation giving George Bush the authority to throw anyone in jail indefinitely, without the benefit of habeas corpus - a legal principle that has been part of Anglo-American jurisprudence since the Magna Carta 1215.

Elsewhere, "we" would appear to be actively suppressing the vote in minority and poor communities. Voter registration rolls in Ohio and Florida (that we know of) have been purged. Hundreds of thousands of mostly-Democratic voters will not be allowed to participate in the election.

Is that the "we" you're referring to? Do you see yourself as part of that "we?"

Becausee, if it is, we are all in big trouble.


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