Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Saudis weigh in

Seems like somebody tore Cheney a new one when he was in Saudi Arabia last month. The Saudis. The wide-bottomed,soft-handed,oil-rich, perfumed fucking Saudis.

Wasn't Bin Lauden's beef with us primarily the fact that Bush senior had put American forces into Saudi Arabia after the war? Didn't he attack the World Trade Center in part because American military was on the ground so close to Mecca?

Now the Saudis are threatening to support the Sunnis in Iraq if America pulls out. They'll send money. Lots of money. Who knows - maybe even money you paid at the pump when gas was up there around $3.50 a gallon.

They won't fight themselves. Like the Republicans who fobbed this insane war off on the world, they'll pay other people to fight and die.

This threat to support the Sunnis provides political support for those lunatics who don't want to implement the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group - especially the recommendations pertaining to withdrawing American troops.

"If we leave," they can now say, "the Sunnis will slaughter the Shiites. We have to stay now."

The impetus for changing direcction in Iraq is all sound and fury - no substance as long as our idiot leaders worry about the Saudis.

Screw them all.


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