Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Decision Maker

Does the Decision Maker have any realization whatsoever that he has yet to make a good decision on anything – any policy, appointment, troop deployment – anything?

Okay. Maybe on one thing. He accepted Rumsfeld’s resignation, but that’s it.

This man has failed at everything he has ever tried. He is batting 0-for-a lifetime.

Why in the name of God should he be given the opportunity to make so much as one more decision – especially when it comes to sending young men and women to the shit hole he created when he decided to occupy Iraq?

Ineptitude in a time of peace would be one thing. If his decisions hadn’t been so tragically bad, if they hadn’t plunged us into that quagmire, if the troops were home where they belong, and the biggest decision he faced was deciding who to appoint as Under Secretary of Agriculture, well okay. Let him be The Decider.

But he is inept in a time of war. His decisions have been unrelentingly, consistently wrong. Nothing about his decision to send even more troops into Iraq would lead anyone to suspect there is reason to hope for a better outcome.

That particular decision flies in the face of the recommendations of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group. It is neither all-in nor all-out, but rather a continuation of an absurd status quo – an occupation – a propping up of an inept government – an opportunity for our enemies to glean training from us – training they will use against us elsewhere in the Decision Maker’s misguided, “War on Terror.”

The burn rate on money expended to support this decision is now more than two billion dollars a month. We’re borrowing that money from the Chinese. It does not appear on the books that the Decision Maker, in the State of the Union Address, so nobly promised to balance by 2012.

The burn rate on our human treasure continues unabated. We lose two or three wonderful selfless young people every day.

As bad as the decisions the man makes, the decisions he doesn’t make are worse. The Decision Maker. My ass.


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