Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Scooter, Judy and the cool kids.

So there they were – Judith Miller and Scooter Libby, discussing Joseph Wilson’s op-ed piece and Valerie Plame, Joseph Wilson’s CIA employee wife.

Do you suppose it ever crossed their minds that Wilson, Plame and their children were real people with real lives, not some vague abstractions?

Do you think for a moment Libby had other-than-vile intentions in bringing the Plame-Wilsons to Miller’s attention?

Do you think Miller, who perhaps more than any other member of the mainstream media, shilled, flacked and worried the Iraq war into existence, passed up the chance to go with the Plame-Wilson story out of some sense of professional ethics?

Such silly, shallow and vane little people. They are like courtiers six ranks back in the throng at some function at Louis XIV’s court at Versailles.

And there they were, toying with the lives of others – feeling entitled – even obligated to do so.

The days to come at the Libby trial will be full of these high school cool kids gone to seed. People like Robert Novak and Tim Russert. Vainglorious preening people. Millionaires who’ve allowed – and continue to allow – themselves to be played for fools. Pompous asses who ignored the stink of the Clinton impeachment, stood by for the coup that was Bush vs Gore, allowed – and continue to allow – the conflation of 9/11 and Iraq and parroted the false alarms about WMD’s.

Our national politics are their office politics. Nothing more – and certainly nothing personal. God, it’s galling.

Louie Anderson used to have a bit where he said that he wished somebody would come up with an “asshole Bullet” that only killed you for five minutes.

You’d come to, face down on the sidewalk and realize somebody had killed you for five minutes and you’d sit up and say, “Damn. I must have been a real asshole.”

Where are the asshole bullets when we really need them?


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